Martin Hunt

Martin Hunt

With a background in medicine, inter-disciplinary operations and technology, Martin is an agent for change in complex organisations.

Ged Melia


Ged Melia

An international change director with a general management and accounting background.  Ged focusses on transforming operating models into those that are environmentally efficient, effective, digitally mature and adaptive.

Change Leaders.

Our key differentiator is our people and their cross-disciplinary understanding of the dual objectives to reduce absolute environmental impact and real-world implementation of change to achieve this.  Together, their understanding of commercial realities, finance, change management and environmental ecosystems is unparalleled.  Specialist data analytics resources are deployed with the core team to present the evidence required by sophisticated senior leaders in the client organisation.

Economic Sustainability Leadership Programme

This contact and networking programme recognises the interdependent nature of globally connected businesses and aims to make it easier for leaders to symbiotically meet the dual aims of economic growth and reduction of environmental impact.

Infosphere Global is the catalyst that will enable your organisation to realise its growth objectives in a manner that is more than clever, it is wise.

Our mission is to recognise the pressures facing leaders of our largest organisations, to deliver growth at every turn, and to work with them to reduce the absolute environmental impact of their organisation. 

This goes beyond good-news-stories and efficiency improvements (although it includes those as well) to deliver long term strategy changes.  The changes will clearly show the responsibility your organisation is demonstrating by reducing the absolute  impact on the global environment.  The changes will be conformant with your need to deliver growth and  improvement.

How do you do this?

Firstly we explain why  we're doing this and why your organisation is so fundamentally important.

Then we agree a non-disclosure agreement.

We then decide the scope of a pilot study.

When the pilot is complete, the recommendations are assessed.

You then decide if you agree with why the recommendations have been made and if they are the right recommendations.

The recommendations are implemented.

You are in control at every step.